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Book Club Discussion Questions For CHOSEN BY BLOOD

If the above link is not working, here are the questions.

1) One theme of Chosen By Blood is that in order to be happy, a person must balance duty with desire. This theme is proven through the character of Knox Devereaux, who struggles with reconciling his duty to his clan (to find an antidote for the vamp vaccine, to marry/have children with a full vampire, to be mistrustful of humans since his human father betrayed vamps) and his desire for Felicia, a human female who refuses to be with him unless she is his only lover. Do you think this thematic assertion is true? Can you give an example of how happiness is contingent on balancing duty with desire?

2) In Chosen By Blood, vampires are not monogamous. In fact, most married vampires engage in one or two “mating pairs,” fulfilling their duty to increase their clan’s numbers. This “racial custom” is something that goes against Felicia’s human morality. Can you think of a racial practice that is different from your own? How about one that you admire? One you feel neutral about? One that you disagree with?

3) Kyle Mahone bribes each of the Para-Ops members to get them to join the team. Why does he have to? Do you think that people are generally self-serving when it comes to taking risks (they’ll only take risks if the benefit is in their personal favor) or that people are willing to take risks for the benefit of the majority?

4) Jacques Devereaux tells Felicia that he told his friend Calmet the secret to killing humans only because there was a group of vampires that was murdering humans. Jacques felt it was only fair that humans be given a way to protect themselves. Do you think Jacques did the right thing?

5) Although he initially protested, Jacques eventually let Bianca turn him into a vampire even though he believed that by doing so she risked her own life. What do you think of this decision?

6) In Chosen By Blood, there are secrets kept by a variety of people. Mahone does not tell the team everything he knows because he needs them to prove they can work together; Bianca does not tell her clan that vampires can turn others into vampires without necessarily dying because she’s sworn as the vampire leader to keep this a secret; Lucy does not tell anyone on the team that she is part feline, and thus suffers from a debilitating “heat.” Were these secrets justified? When should one keep a secret versus give full disclosure?

7) On page 280, Lesander asks Knox, “Is it honorable to let one’s people—one’s Queen, one’s mother and brother—waste away to skin and bones while you work for the very people who caused their suffering in the first place?” What do you think of Lesander’s question?

8) What is your opinion of “soul mates?” Knox tells Felicia he loved Noella, but that he was not in love with her, not the way he was in love with Felicia. What do you think of this statement?

9) On page 191, when Caleb is questioning Wraith about her past, he forces himself to be cruel to her because it’s what she needs. Did he do the right thing? What do you think of this as a way of interacting with others?

10) Vampires have agreed not to read people’s minds without their permission; humans must take them at their word, but within their own clan, vampires have devised a method to insure this does not happen. Can you think of situations where relying on one’s honor is necessary? Do you think the ability to rely on a set group’s honor decreases as that group’s numbers increase? Why?



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